Project CN with Comun Interiors and her founder Ellen Wauters

Residence CN is a residential house in the north of Antwerp.

When an architect and interior designer successfully collaborate on a project, it’s a kind of glorious “pas de deux” where each participant’s talents can enhance the others. The Direction Artistique was orchestrated by Ellen Wauters the founder of Comuns Interiors, with the architect Lynn Pieraets and Sander Delchambre of design studio Karakter.

Their flawless design perfectly goes hand in hand with Ellen Wauters’ vision on calmness, warmth, and sophistication. While the architecture is fulfilling enough, there were still multiple opportunities to create made-to- order signature decoration. Isabelle Yamamoto’s masterpieces added a touch of refinement and beauty to the house, taking us on a timeless journey.

In the subdued universe of Residence CN in Antwerp, each piece is an ode to serenity and elegance, shaped by the inspired vision of Ellen Wauters. For this iconic project, Isabelle Yamamoto was invited to add her subtle and refined touch, bringing an additional dimension to this enchanting space.

The textile objects designed by Isabelle for the residence, infused with the poetry of ancient dyed hemp, captivate with their simplicity and timeless beauty.

Every piece, whether delicately woven cushions or airy draperies, evokes a feeling of comfort and harmony, inviting occupants to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of tranquility and well-being. In this harmonious collaboration between two passionate creators, Residence CN becomes the stage for a symphony of softness and refinement, where every detail is an invitation to wonder.