Riad Marrakech


Riad Berbère is located in the oldest district of Marrakech, where the Almohavids settled after they became the dominant power in the region. Advised by his wife Queen Zineb, the first ruler Youssef ben Tachfine founded Marrakech and their tents became houses and then palaces.

Riad Berbère was rebuilt during the 17th century but sits on the site of a XIIIth century palace which at the time comprised 4 courtyards and a slave quarter.
The most remarkable architectural elements of the riad (columns of the courtyard, majestic living room, the painted cedar wood ceilings) belong to the XVIIth century, though in the bathroom of Dan’s suite is the only element of decor pertaining to the original XIIIth century palace.

Riad Berbère recently re-opened as a guesthouse and artist residency after a complete renovation by architect and art collector Sandrine Henry Studio who implemented her vision of an understated luxury in a 17th century sanctuary that whispers stories of a bygone era.

Located within the labyrinthine alleys of the old Medina of Marrakech, Riad Berbère is a tranquil heaven, where time stands still amongst ancient beauty, a grand immaculate colonnade, an impressive luxuriant courtyard garden, and a curated design and art collection, that blends minimalism with grandeur, all to immerse oneself in the soul of Moroccan culture and invite rest and contemplation.

Guided by a conscious way of living, Riad Berbère has been carefully and mindfully transformed with an eye for the essential and refinement, treasuring natural organic materials shaped into beautiful forms and textures

Art and creativity are intrinsic values to our philosophy. We strongly believe that surrounding oneself with beauty contributes to our well-being. Highly sensitive to all forms of aesthetics and artwork, our artists residencies foster exchanges between creative minds and our guests.

Riad Berbère offers the luxury of slowing down one’s life, reconnecting to our roots, contemplating life and beauty in an environment auspicious to meditation and creativity