Rhode Saint-Genèse

Japanese Pavillon

The Belgian artist, painter and ceramist Sophie Cauvin, does not leave indifferent. On the contrary, her works force contemplation, raise questions, upset the senses, because of their very personal, very raw and conceptual character.

Our meeting more than 2 years ago was a meeting of the soul… our creative and spiritual paths crossed, on the one hand by our common passion for the material, and on the other hand because of our life path and our love of Japan and its aesthetic codes.

When she decided to create this little jewel of hers, her “Japanese Pavillon” in the heart of her magnificent property in Rhode Saint Genèse, it became obvious that we had to collaborate together on this very personal project which is very close to her heart, and where all the chosen elements and materials have a story to tell.

Sophie allowed me to realize a dream…. and from the bottom of my heart I cannot thank her enough.

Isabelle Yamamoto

Isabelle Yamamoto works with materials that have a history, a life. She gives a second life to the hemp she finds in old attics in Eastern Europe. Like an antique dealer, she chooses the quality of the sheets, the weaving, the weight of certain bills which give a personality to her work.

The defects, the stitching, the mending of time, the history of her fabrics, speak to her. She selects “the flaws” to transform them and give her creations a strong personality. Isabelle, like a painter, still chooses dyes made in the old way.

The richness of the subtleties of the colors which according to the weaving reacts differently. Creating multiple gradations very subtle. Isabelle creates works, which gives her universe a dimension well above the craft.

I chose Isabelle Yamamoto to realize the textile part of my pavilion, because she works with the history, the lived. These are textiles that speak to us. I chose to work with old materials that are in the same dialogue. This creates an authenticity of the place. We dive into the past but we create through this magic, a present that will tell our new story.

Sophie Cauvin