Collaboration with Inge Lagae


KANA creates beautiful furniture, handmade in Belgium and Italy with natural materials. Inspired by traveling the world… we create furniture with a soul. Timeless craftmanship that will be a part of your family for years to come. We love to create tailormade products that will fit your life perfectly. KANA strives to take a place in your heart and in your family.

In 2020 I met the Belgium Designer Inge Lagae. Our commun passion for the Japanese culture has naturally held to the collaboration on the Yoishu daybed for the KANA collection.

Inge Lagae’s designs are inspired by her travels around the world, her curiosity and the people she has met and worked with, in that aspect we are both sharing the same values. Above all she is amazed and energized by beautiful materials and the handicraft from different cultures, the traditional ebonists, and the intensity and beauty of noble wood.

The futon and pillow were created specially and inspired by the traditional Japanese technics of futon making, and the cover are made from vintage hemp sourced in the East of Europe, and contribute to reinforce the beauty of the simple design of the Daybed, and will be offered in a Limited Edition.