Collaboration with PH7

TORii Collection: Sublimating the invisible

In Mali, the Bogolan fabric is an ancestral textile art. Its symbolism is strong. Dyed with earth, natural glaze, it is considered to be impregnated with vital energy. Traditionally, this fabric has a protective value for those who wear it.

PH7 and I love the history that objects and textiles carry. And we also have at heart to question ourselves about the notion of overabundance and environmental protection.

It was obvious, since we work together, that we had to create together a textile collection, which represent our values and our philosophy. Thus, by giving these fabrics a new function, we extend their life cycle. This is the way to optimize the resources that were needed to make them in the first place.

When Leo and Sébastien presented me with these traditional fabrics from the city of Mopti, Mali, I was as seduced as they were by the authentic and imperfect charm of this fabric. We had like a burst of inspiration, and we were convinced that we would find the way to sublimate it. The materialization of a real synergy between us. I knew how to highlight the most beautiful imperfections of these squares of fabric to extract the essence and give them a unique and authentic character.

Each small defect is sublimated, assumed and becomes an essential element that tells the story of the object, which is part of my signature. We then decided to make it the basis for our first collaboration that we named TORii.

Wabi-sabi accessories par excellence, the 8 cushions of the TORii collection express a certain form of timelessness. We opted for different sizes to fit the bogolan format. The collection is composed of 3 large cushions of about 90x50cm, as well as 3 cushions of about 50x50cm, and 1 cushion of 55x45cm.

The interiors are 100% down.  The cushion is removable and the cover can be dry cleaned.

Each piece is unique and has its own irregularities and imperfections that we have decided to keep and value. Our common will is to underline the universal link that unites Man to matter, beyond cultures and continents. The palette of dark and warm colors of traditional textiles is an opportunity to bring a touch of serenity and fullness. The mix of natural and organic colors of the fabric expresses a hushed dialogue, a peaceful space in which we like to bury ourselves to relax.

The collection is on sale at the PH7 boutique in Bordeaux, 20 rue Notre Dame, or on the PH7 website:

Credit photo: Studio Brinth – Jacob Brinth