A collaborative project between Studio Corkinho & Isabelle Yamamoto


With DOMA, Studio Corkinho and Isabelle Yamamoto are presenting the result of their fruitful collaboration: a linen collection that brings stillness into the home.

DOMA, Japanese for ‘earthen floor’, refers to a room in a traditional Japanese house that was used in the same way as the ground. It is a place intermediate between indoor and outdoor and therefore, it can be a metaphor to travel inwards, to make a contemplative break from the outside world and enter an introspective atmosphere of silence.

The DOMA collection consists of a series of cushions made out of raw hemp, organically filled with cork granules. The synergy between cork and hemp symbolizes a reversed interpretation of the analogy of the bark, protector of the tree. Here, the raw hemp forms the cork bark granules’ shelter, emphasizing a feeling of unwinding and turning inwards.

The sensorial experience the cushions bring are a manifestation of stillness. They invite us to ground in the present moment and welcome a sensation we are all looking for in present days: the calm of a quiet mind.

Your companion in a moment of peace, the cushion will move a long with the shape of your position. As such, it can be used as meditation material or simply as a sculptural object, making silence tangible.

Isabelle Yamamoto has developed a series of custom-made dyeing formulas to obtain earthy tones in full harmony with Studio Corkinho’s design philosophy.

Additionally, the cork granules can be dipped in the essential oil from our Hakudo Rain collection, developed by AOIRO.

The DOMA collection consists of:
_meditation cushion
_meditation day bed