Isabelle Yamamoto's philosophy

La Beauté dans l'Imperfection

Above all, I am passionate about interior design and naturally curious. I like to travel, hunt around, to meet know-how, craftsmen and humans. This is genuinely part of my DNA. Perfectionist, I have an eye for detail. I like to create coherent and harmonious sets.

I also love to play with materials, structures, and enjoy sharing my love of aesthetics to make living places warm, cozy, transform them into true refuges for the wandering soul. It is quite naturally that I started to work with my hands, to understand the material, in my way.

Above all, I made a point of creating in an eco-responsible way, to think about how I could recycle and give a second life to ancient, vintage textiles, sometimes left into disuse, by offering them a modern, simple and timeless style.

My creations take on meaning in today’s world, to best respect and protect our environment. I am also spontaneously inspired by the culture and the art of living of my Japanese husband and this is felt in my creations. Collaborations are underway and to come with creators and artisans sharing my philosophy. Pay tribute to the work of man, whatever the origin… In a world of over consumption, I want to show that with little we can create and sublimate… “Less is more” said Mies van der Rohe.

I wished to introduce imperfection in my creations, the randomness of the human gesture, the discovery of the beauty of neutral and organic colors and their density. I bring a personal style, combining both the character of the object and/or the material, the elegance of simplicity with attention to detail. I only work with natural fibers, hemp, linen, Nepalese nettle, ramie, alpaga, mohair, yak wool… depending on what I find and get to source. Raw and natural materials convey energy, I am very sensitive to them. This energy is alive. Nature is a constant source of inspiration, its colors, its harmony and its serenity. All my creations are handmade and made in Belgium.

Isabelle Yamamoto's signature

To sublimate a defect in the material, an apparent seam of connection, a weft... no matter what, the fabric commands me. I keep everything in the original fabric, even going so far as to keep small weaving defects, fittings because they evoke for me the fragility of life, and in particular ours, that of human beings. Ever more so now in the current context and this period of profound questioning. I compose with scraps, old sheets, agrarian canvases, recycled material. All my creations are made in unique pieces and/or limited series.