Isabelle Yamamoto's creations

Perfectly imperfect

The French artist Isabelle Yamamoto, who lives in Brussels, gives a new life to old textiles that she hunts down on her travels to make cushions with an elegant sobriety.

Isabelle Yamamoto's signature

To sublimate a defect in the material, an apparent seam of connection, a weft.. no matter what the fabric tells me, it is he who speaks before me. I keep everything in the original fabric, even going so far as to keep small weaving defects, fittings because they evoke for me the fragility of life, an in particular ours, that of human beings. Ever more so now in the current context and this period of profound questioning. I compose with scraps, old sheets, agrarian canvases, recycled material. All my creations are made in unique pieces and/or limited series.

All my creations are unique, entirely handmade, with vintage hemp found in Europe and more particularly in France and in the eastern Europe countries. All the hemp pieces sourced are on average between 50 and 120 years old. Once the hemp piece is cleaned and prepared, I decide either to keep it natural or to dye it in organic and natural, earthy colors.

Sensitive to the protection of our environment, and the questioning of overabundance and superfluity, I work in a sustainable and upcylcing approach. My goal is to give a second life to high quality fabrics, hand woven in an ancestral way, to pay tribute to the work of man.

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